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  • Your products will be easily accessible to be purchased and will benefit from increased visibility to a new market




Your business will be able to receive a lot of support via referral to a partner marketing agency, such as:


  • professional web design 
  • search engine optimization
  • logo design
  • business formation 
  • press releases
  • online presence management
  • visual branding for social media
  • and more

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  • These Mumba Sauce Inc Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are entered into between Mumba Sauce Inc including its affiliates, and you and your company (“Vendor”, “you”, or “your”). These Terms apply to Vendor’s publication of information regarding Vendor’s software, data, media, service, product, or other offering (“Vendor Offering”) and product information and images regarding your Vendor Offering (“Listing Information”) on the site maintained by Mumba Sauce Inc where it provides information about certain third-party offerings (“Mumba Sauce Inc”). By submitting your Vendor Offering to Mumba Sauce Inc for publication on the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind Vendor to these Terms and agree to bind Vendor to these Terms.

    1. Submission, Approval, and Publication of Vendor Offerings

    (a) Submission Process. In order to participate in the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace, Vendor must submit a request in the form required by Mumba Sauce Inc. The requirements for each submission are set forth in Mumba Sauce Inc current guidelines (“Mumba Sauce Inc Requirements and Terms”) located at https://mumbasauceinc.com/terms, which Mumba Sauce Inc may update from time to time in its sole discretion. The Mumba Sauce Inc requirements and terms  include minimum requirements for Vendors and Vendor Offerings to be included in the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace. Vendor may be required to create an account on a publishing portal in order to manage the submission process. If Mumba Sauce Inc approves the Vendor Offering for inclusion on the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace, Mumba Sauce Inc may publish the Vendor Offering on the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace, subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms. Mumba Sauce Inc reserves the right to reject any Vendor application for any or no reason. Vendor is responsible for ensuring that the Listing Information associated with its Vendor Offering is accurate and up to date at all times.

    (b) Presentation of Vendor Offerings. Mumba Sauce Inc reserves the right to determine the manner in which Vendor Offerings, Listing Information, and any other information intended to inform Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace users about a Vendor Offering, is presented and promoted in the Mumba Sauce Inc Marketplace. “Vendor Offerings” may include Mumba Sauce Inc 1-Click Apps (also known as One-Click applications), which are pre-built virtual machine images and/or container images that automate common set-up steps for users including package installation, firewall rules, and software configuration, and may also include new types of listings as determ